Wednesday, 28 September 2011

This Is What's Wrong With Gaming Today

Take one extremely fragile, incredibly twitchy car.
One twisty route with lots of blind hills and stuff littered by the side of the road.
An insanely tough time limit.
Random traffic.
One gamer crying out of frustration.

This mission is a 3-mile route. I only have this car for this mission, so the miles on the clock are only from this mission. I gave up after accumulating 29.8 miles.

This is ridiculous! No other mission comes even close to getting this hard. The only other time in the game I've had as much difficulty was when I was trying to do a championship with a car not nearly powerful enough to be competitive.

So, for the first time in my gaming career, I find myself ragequitting. Five times, I had the finish line in sight, but ran out of time or accidentally scraped a sign or cut just a little too much of the corner.

There's no reason for a game to up it's difficulty this much randomly. It went from 'mildly challenging' to 'fucking your dog' completely out of nowhere. Even the rest of the DLC missions are not this hard.

It's with a heavy heart I put Test Drive down for a while. I do genuinely enjoy it, but after being kicked in the ass so many times one has to retreat and lick their wounds for a while.

I'm giving it 4/5 stars for now, but perhaps a few weeks from now I'll be able to return to it with a vigor and love it properly like it deserves.

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