Monday, 2 January 2012

Skyrim - Thieves Guild, Hermaeus Mora and Boethiah

I had quite a lot of progress today. Getting the Thieves Guild's reputation up was quite simple when I figured out that I could turn down quests at places I'd already finished, so I saved a lot of time. It took me probably an hour and a half in total, and once that was done I was fully made Guildmaster and everyone loved me. But that's how these things go in The Elder Scrolls.

Next was finishing up Hermaeus Mora's quest. I was literally right at the end, all I had to do was take the blood back to the old guy, and take the book. The book, incidentally, is fucking awesome. When you read it, it asks you to pick from Warrior, Mage and Thief. I picked Mage, because that's the most annoying to get up, and all my magic skills went up by a rather large amount. I even went up a level!

I then went to do Boethiah's questline. I had to find some guy to sacrifice, so I went to the nearby city of Windhelm and hired some guy in the inn, and sacrificed him. Fights were had, and then I was sent to go have more fights (but stealthily). My reward for this was Ebony Mail. Which wasn't really worth it.

By this time my Light Armor was maxed, so I went and swapped my Dragonscale Armor for Dragonplate Armor (I am aware Daedric is better, but its so much more expensive and I won't be wearing it forever).

Finally, I popped over to Largashbur to start Malacath's quest. It glitched for me because the Orc that's meant to start the quest got killed by a giant, so I had to climb over the wall to talk to the next Orc, who didn't acknowledge the first was killed. She gave me a quest to find Troll Fat and a Daedric Heart, so I decided that was a good time to call it a night.

Fairly productive, really.

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