Thursday, 5 January 2012

Skryim - Daedric Wanderings in Dwemer Territory

I'm continuing with my demolishing of Daedric quests in Skyrim. Yesterday I finished Malacath and Peryite's quests.

Malacath's was really simple after I waited several days in an alchemists' store to buy some Troll Fat. Take the stuff to whatserface, go somewhere else, kill a bunch of giants. It's not a quest I'd recommend doing early on. At level 54 with great armour, loads of HP, and a fantastic mace, I can go tete a tete with a giant and take it out with four hits and 90% of my health left. You have to keep the orc leader alive around all these giants, which probably could get tricky but he never got close enough to a giant for me to test this theory. So you kill all the giants and go back to camp and BAM! End of quest. It was really rather abrupt.

Peryite's was a whole other barrel of fish. I spent ages looking for Vampire Dust because my trusty alchemist's store, three court mages and a different alchemist store all were suspiciously empty of Vampire Dust. I ended up looking up a vampire lair and killed one within 5 minutes. Then, on the quest I'm sent on... well, it was to a Dwemer Ruin. The enemies here were a piece of cake, but it took forever because Dwemer places are huge. I'm not as big a fan of the Dwemer as some people seem to be, and spending an hour and a half going through what's basically a linear dungeon with 5 transitions through doors got a little old. I was quite bored by the time I was halfway through. But I powered through and became yet another Daedra's Champion and got a shield I'll never use. Ho hum.

Next up is Sanguine, whose questline is supposedly phenomenally fun, so here's to that.

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