Tuesday, 11 October 2011

:B: - The Binding of Isaac

As always, a lot has been written about Isaac by much more intelligent people than I. It's an action-rougelike-shooter-zeldathon with a heavy dose of the nightmare fuel. I love it and hate it in equal parts. I love it because the randomisation keeps the gameplay from going stale, there's always something new to find and new dungeons to explore. I hate it because it reminds me how easily I choke when the stakes are high.

Three times I've got to the last boss, and three times I've fucked up when I could have easily won. Especially the last time. I was having such a good run of luck, I had so much life and so many good items and I messed up because I went to close to the wall and had the smackdown layed down upon me by the hand of god. I think the game is great, 5/5 stars great, but I just can't bring myself to play any more right now. The wound is too raw.

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