Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tiny Tower: Tips and Tricks

Having now played Tiny Tower for almost 40 hours I have a pretty good handle on how everything works and how to oil the gears so everything runs smoother. Here's a few tips.

Gaining TowerBux:

There are many ways to get TowerBux without having to buy it.

  • Every time a Bitizen has a birthday. Every Bitizen has a different birthday so you'll get Bux throughout the year.
  • Every time you build a new floor.
  • You get one every time you put a Bitizen in their dream job.
  • Occasionally given when you use the elevator to take a Bitizen to the floor they want.
  • When finding a specific Bitizen for the blue task.
  • Sometimes when fully restocking a store.
Organising Your Tower:

Once you have more than 20 floors you will start to feel the strain of keeping your floors where they were built. Everything will be difficult to find, especially when searching for a specific Bitizen. It doesn't have to be like this.

It costs 1 TowerBux to move a floor. You should keep floors of the same type together to ease restocking and searching. You can also put all the residential floors at the bottom to make it easier to move Bitizens in.

About Your Bitizens:

You need free space in your Residential floors to move new Bitizens in. There are two ways you can do this. When Bitizens want to use the elevator, if they wish to go to a floor with a space in it, upon arrival they move in. You can also move them in by spending 1 TowerBux per Bitizen. Unless you have an urgent need for Bitizens to work in your shops, it's most effective if you only do this 3 times per floor, as that way you can earn back those Bux by putting a Bitizen in their dream job.

A great way to aid searching for Bitizens when you are tasked to is to color-coordinate. When you put someone into a job, change their clothes to the same color as the shop type. Food - green, Service - blue, etc. It only costs 1 gold! Bitizens are only ever at their job or at home, so you can pinpoint exactly where they could be right away.

An aside:

Don't be afraid to experiment! You can never run out of money permanently, as every day you get rent from your Bitizens, so you can spend as much as you like.

And finally, for all you looking for cheats:

As you probably know by now, the times for building new floor increase massively as you get further in the game. You can bypass this by changing the time settings on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just change it to a day or two ahead, open the game so the floor is built, then exit and change your time back. There are no negative effects to this for the game, except for if you use it too often the game might be less fun - and of course, you need to take into account whether changing the date might affect your other apps too.

Hopefully these tips will help make Tiny Tower more fun and less frustrating for you!

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