Saturday, 30 July 2011

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles - Beginnings

I recently made the decision to get back into gaming on the Wii, now that I'm off the Xbox. Previously, I hadn't played my Wii in about 6 months, and even then it was only to play Bit.Trip Runner. I decided to start with one of my favourite kinds of games, the on-rails shooter genre. First on the list was Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, primarily because I love Resi and never got round to playing it.

TUC basically gives a rundown of the story of the first 3 games (and Zero), in the form of fast, quick, arcadey action. Which is great - I have difficulty playing the old ones because I'm a giant pussy and am constantly convinced that I'm not playing efficiently enough and I'll come across an enemy I can't beat because I didn't conserve enough ammo. So when I get round to PS1, playing 2 & 3 is going to be so fun.

I'm having quite a lot of fun so far. I've now fully upgraded my submachine gun so very little stands in my way. This may be because I'm playing on Easy; I thought I'd go through it on the easiest difficulty and upgrade my guns to have a fairer time on the harder ones.

However, I am being reminded why I sort of lost interest in RE after 3. The monsters they introduced afterwards in their effort to streamline play and make it more of an action game ruin a lot of what I thought was great about the story way back when. It started with the leeches in Zero; and the Los Plagos or whatever it was called was the icing on the cake. When it was no longer about viruses and Umbrella's desire to control, and instead about alien parasites and Wesker's desire to pwn all, it just seemed kind of fake and like a completely different series.

Having said that, Wesker is one of my favourite villains of all time, mainly because he's such a condescending prick.

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